Can I use a fuse instead of a fusible link?

Can I use a fuse instead of a fusible link?

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The FurMark 165 is the newest generation of standard mode fusible linking or SMF. FurMark is just a rapid prototyping process that uses high tensile strength fusible link material that holds and rotates the plastic die to make the necessary shape. This makes Fusible Link a perfect fusible metal product for rapid prototyping. FurMark fusible links may also be excellent for producing good quality, large diameter prototypes.

Unlike high speed links, FurMark fusible links do not have to be fused throughout the manufacturing process. This enables faster production times and lower costs. Because FurMark fusible links can be produced using high tensile strength fusible metal materials, they may be generally manufactured in two different sizes; small in diameter and large in diameter.

The size of the fusible link could be changed easily by adjusting the size tool. Once the user has chosen the required diameter of the fusible link and size tool, he will then apply the correct sized fusible url to the mold. Once the fusible link is put on the mold, it can be easily rotated and the plastic dye is inserted to the mold to create the final product. The complete process may be carried out within just one hour.

At the same time, the feature of Fusible Link that makes it less expensive than standard kind of fusing is its ability to produce high strength connectors that are highly uniform, while reducing variation in the connection of the parts. This ensures that each part gets a standard result, even if the fusible link might have an alternative size to the mold.

Since FurMark fusible links are produced using fusible metals, they're heat and moisture resistant. They can be used to produce top quality, thin rubber and thermoplastic parts. Besides, it may also be used to create sheets, nets, and beads as well.

The number of parts to be produced with FurMark fusible link has increased on the years. These parts include: dip dye, air nozzles, air vents, foam control bars, bar clamps, sheet rings, toggle pins, web spacers, and ratchets.

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